Codenames in GClub

GClubs put a high value on the social network and increasing the communication among the people. Mostly, there are people who do not know each other and often there is a lack of conversation among the people who even know each other. The people talk to each other about various shared interests and ideas and they love being a part of group where they can participate at an equal level. The codenames is a simple but social word game which is challenging and premise. The groups are divided in two teams and the leaders of both teams know the codenames of the all the secret agents. The spymasters are the ones who are aware of all the activities of the people in the groups and the agents. The teams aim to make a contact with the agents at prior and the competition is among the two to know who gets in contact with the agents. The game can be played by the children with ages above 14 years and often adults play it with the addition of their age factor.

The spymasters give one word as a clue and they point to a multiple words which are available on the table. The other team mates try to guess the words which are of their color and they avoid the ones who belong to the opposing team. Each team member tries to avoid the assassin to remain a part of the game. If you want to play the game without any help and take guesses then you should have 4 players in your group. The lively discussion can be made amazing by adding more players. A cooperative variant can also be added in the team and in this a single teams tries to achieve the best highest score. In this they do not have another competitor, rather they are playing against time and they need to be precise.

The game takes around 15 to 20 minutes to complete and the number of players can be varied from 2 to more than 8 team members in the entire game. The team which plays best is rewarded and they often take the price from the losing team. It is a fun game because the one who wins gets a chance to take treat from the losing team. It increases the level of competition and the urge to win the game.