GClub Camping Trip

The GClub games are full of fun and excitement. One of the most popular group games in the GClub is the camping trip. You need a good memory, focus, and concentration skills to play this game effectively. The group of our own choice is selected and you sit in the form of a circle. You can have as many members in the group as you want. There is a certain pattern of the words which the game should follow. These systems of patterns of word are suggested below.

  • The things which start with a certain letter of the alphabets, for example the letter F (frog, fog, fish, feather etc.)
  • The things which end with a certain specific letter of the alphabet
  • The words which have two or more consonants or vowels together with them, for example, the wheel, book, and pizza etc.
  • The words which have certain sound or letter just like the letter K (book, rake, coke etc.)
  • The words or items which consist of two words for instance, baking dish, and iron stand, and hot dogs etc.)
  • The items which have the same color
  • The items which have the same number of the letters
  • The items and the words which begin with the last letter of the last item which has been mentioned

There is a person among the group who begins the game. The person says that he/she is going for a camping trip and I will bring _________. The other players pick any of the thing which they would like to bring after the trip and then the others follow the chosen pattern. For instance, the pattern with which the player starts is ā€œCā€ and they use the work cookies, suggesting they will bring cookies from the trip. The other players also use the same, and use words with the same letter. Thus there is a pattern which is followed by each of the member of the group and it is only one player, who begins the game who knows the pattern. It is a surprise and instant reaction which is needed from other players. The other players are challenged because they have to think harder on the style of pattern which is being followed. Moreover, all the things which related to the camping trip are the ones which are acceptable, and those which do not related to it are considered wrong. The choice of pattern can be done by choosing the best age and group composition.