New York is famous for how less it sleeps. Most of the world’s night clubs are in New York. Clubbing era was introduced in 1920s. New kinds of evolutions of pop, disco, punk, rock, Trance and anything that can boost someone with fast music track is their beauty. Most famous night clubs historically are enlisted here: If you find more info.


This club was introduced by a gangster named as THE KILLER. This club was involved in night violations. It is basically Jazz craze and established for white folks who loved to enjoy Jazz.


Towards the west 254, street 54, owner of this club introduced this night club by transforming a former Opera house into the most notorious nightclub of the history of disco. Owner of the club was Rubell, his ideas were so attractive, that he made everyone to come again to that club every night for new party. He attracted people by providing full racks of money, and weird services; that result in shutting down of the club.


This club was famous among celebrities. They treated it as their own personal room. Strip tease was firstly introduced in that area. Hang out, clubbing, flocked music, drinking did not apparently keep that club in peace. He always found drunk and hanged on people. Lastly he was thrown to the jail for attacking his brother.


This club is focused on wearing something so weird and is suitable for those who are looking for such fun themes and weird dance parties. High sound beats, circus performances, dance floors made its beauty more strong.


This club is famous for Sunday night only. It provides rest to those who feels tired whole week they can fully enjoy there. They offer high fashioned models for ramp walk and dance. It is open whole week but mainly focused on Sundays.


It is more like restaurant, as they offer food as well but in any other disco club no one offers food there. Black flamingo gives all the services of the club that is why it is considered as one of the best clubs of New York city. Music play here is funky type.


It is huge club that covers one huge room. Mainly focused on famous celebrities. That is why it provides world’s best services as well. World wide top DJs are invited here to play their musical beats and show hidden talents. DJ is main focused in every club especially on dance floors. If music is loud and beat is clear and strict only then one can fully enjoy there.


It is best for those fun lovers who can’t wait to spend their night out. Their high energy beats makes everyone’s Thursday night very special. It represents massive and parallel sound system there. Their DJs are well trained and know how to play beat. Mostly tourists prefer to visit CIELO in New York City.